South Hampton

House and Lot For Sale in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

South Hampton

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Sta. rosa, Laguna
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 86 sqm to 193 sqm
Price Range: Php 3.1 M to Php 7.2 M


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South Hampton By Northpine Land

Have you been dreaming of living in a place where everyday conveniences are minutes away from your home? South Hampton lot & house property is the dream home you have searched for a long time. Once you are among homeowners here, you won’t have to travel for miles to look for cozy ambiance, and your favorite food. Whether you want to live alone or with your family, this is a perfect place that will make you happy and lead the life you want. You don’t need to worry about whether investing here will pay off or not. Since the neighborhood is undergoing tremendous developments, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best return.

The idea of buying a house especially for the first time can be a hassle. You might be looking for a place to get the best environment or just a place that makes it convenient for you to get to your place of work. Ideally, getting such a place is sometimes not an easy task. If you are working at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, then you’ve finally found a good place to rest after the hassles and tussles of every day. South Hampton gives you easy access to anywhere you want in Laguna. What makes it even fantastic is the great transport network in the area. Whether you would like to be driving to your place or using the public transport, then everything is okay for you here.

What House Model Are You Looking For? South Hampton Has It All

Investing in South Hampton House & Lot property gives you access to the house model you desire. As years pass and many people become homeowners, preferences also tend to change. This being a new property, you have the assurance that the design is what you need in this time and era. Both internal and external features are fantastic and will give you the comfort you need at home.  Besides that, getting a house here means getting space where you can add a few special things you would like to have at the place you’ll call home.  You’ll probably want to make your house look unique and nice. Well, the best place to buy a home and make it special is South Hampton.

Size and floor plans are spacious to provide the space you need at home. If you wish to live alone as an individual or with your family, you’ll definitely get the house model that will meet your needs. You should plan to take a tour of this awesome property and see why you should let this great opportunity go. Since these are modern living spaces, each housing unit is designed specially to meet the needs of buyers now and in the future. If you would like to buy one here as investment for sale later, then you’ve come to the right place. With the amazing developments within this project and out there, the value will no doubt keep soaring to those great heights. Indeed, everything is okay here. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and even the outdoor area are amazing.

Start Realizing Your Homeowner Dreams with Northpine Land

South Hampton is a property developed by Northpine Land, a great property developer that has always given you a chance to make your dreams of owning a home come true. You, of course, know that buying a home isn’t an easy task. With Northpine Land, the process is not only easy, but it also assures you of getting the best property that will always make you a happy homeowner. Check all properties developed and sold by this team, and you’ll realize that indeed, this is the right group you should work with and get a nice home. Apart from offering you the best, Northpine Land also ensures that you pay what’s appropriate for the house you are buying. Prices here are competitive and affordable for everyone wishing to buy a home.

Northpine Land has a friendly team you can always approach to get details of this fantastic house & lot property that’s up for ownership. Feel free to inquire about payment terms, floor plans, models and other details. You can always chat with an agent on a 24/7 basis. Don’t end up buying a property elsewhere and pay exorbitant rates yet you are just a chat away from getting the right home for you at rock bottom prices. Take a step today and start the journey to owning a home in the great Laguna area. With Northpine Land, everything is straightforward.

Northpine Land South Hampton in Laguna, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase South Hampton, then check here first. We have full details of South Hampton updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

South Hampton - Location & Vicinity

This 5 hectare community located at the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a stone's throw away from schools, malls, hospitals and recreation centers. Going to Makati is a breeze at a 40-minute drive.

Whether you want a new home as a lifestyle upgrade or a change of environment, you need to make the right choices regarding location. Many people say that it determines the value only, but the fact is that there many other things that are determined by the place you choose to buy your home. For instance, a city and rural location cannot be the same. The city site may grow in value faster, but there are other awesome benefits of living in a rural setting you won’t get in the urban area. If you work in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, then you definitely have to get a home that makes it easy for you to move from your place of work to home. That aside, there are many other factors that make living near your place of work great and highly recommendable.

South Hampton is no doubt a perfect location when it comes to access to life essentials and infrastructure. That aside, this setting is quiet and peaceful to give you the environment you need every day after your usual tiring activities. Buying a home here means enjoying a refreshing environment every night. Your family will also have access to the places they need. That’s why we call this place the most comfortable for everyone and especially families that would like to settle for a relatively long time. If you are planning to acquire property for long-term use, then you’ve got a chance in the newly completed South Hampton House & Lot property.

What kind of neighborhood are you looking for? Well, you’ll no doubt live comfortably in South Hampton. You already know that individuals and families in Laguna are welcoming and peaceful. Besides that, there are great schools, clubs and many other recreational centers that will give you the kind of pleasure you want. If you also love quality time with family, then the neighborhood here is full with all the facilities you need to enjoy. Your kids will have everything they need including playgrounds and all those amazing things you would like to ensure that your kids have access to near home. What makes the location perfect among all others is the fact that it’s accessible from any part of Laguna. That explains why everyone working in the area loves it.

The Laguna province has many attractive places that thousands of people travel to see every year. Living in South Hampton gives you easy access to all these attractions. Indeed, the location is considered as among those carefully chosen and best for adventurous families. You won’t have to buy any ticket to visit the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains, Pagsanjan Falls and other great places you’ve probably been planning to visit. Now you have a chance to live near them, so you enjoy visiting during weekends and holidays. Seize this golden opportunity and buy your dream home in South Hampton. Remember that this is a great property that’s no doubt coveted by many. Don’t keep wishing to get a house here and end up being left out by others. The right time to buy a home in this amazing location is now.

South Hampton Location

South Hampton - Photo Gallery

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Royale Gardens

Royale Gardens

Function Hall & Swimming Pool

Function Hall & Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Gate Entrance

Gate Entrance

South Hampton - Features & Amenities

South Hampton gives you access to first-class features and amenities you may not find elsewhere. Being a resident here is, indeed, a great opportunity of a lifetime. In fact, you can choose to call this place your home forever because you won’t have to seek anything elsewhere. You, of course, know that the province of Laguna has the best schools, recreational centers, playgrounds and many other amenities. Therefore, don’t let this chance pass you thinking that you’ll find another perfect place will be up for grabs soon. Even if you succeed to find another property in a few months or years from now, rest assured that the price will be higher than what’s being offered to you now. That aside, here are the breathtaking amenities and features you’ll enjoy once you buy a home in South Hampton:

#1 Jacuzzi
South Hampton’s Jacuzzi offers you the real luxury you want. In fact, it’s the best if you want to pamper yourself and enjoy the gladdest moments you’ve never tasted in the past. Jacuzzi’s thermal water will always relieve your stress and relax your muscles after work outs. Isn’t this a moment to seize? Well, the time to act is now. Don’t keep dreaming and wishing for things to come your way when you should be looking for them. South Hampton is the place.

#2 Club House
Inspired by the dance, dazzle and drift needs of the people, South Hampton’s club house is the perfect and ideal for any occasion. Whether you want to party or may be to just have some moments with friends, this is the place you should always visit. It provides ample space for get-together functions, tea party, birthdays and other grand celebrations. The best way to explain the experience here is to organize one and invite your friends. You’ll live to reminisce the awesome moments you had together in the South Hampton’s Club House.

#3 Hampton Royale
Living in South Hampton gives you access to the cozy ambiance and good food within your neighborhood. Indeed, this is a place to feast and enjoy mouth-watering delicacies. You must have heard about the great Hampton Royale or even wished to visit. Now you have an opportunity to live near it and enjoy what it has for you. Everything you need is conveniently accessible.

#4 Modern Schools and Hospitals
This 5-hectare project in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a few meters away from great schools, hospitals, malls and other centers. You’ll, in fact, be walking to these places if you love taking strolls. You have no reason to buy your dream home here where everything is available.

South Hampton is no doubt a rare property type that has incredible facilities and amenities. In fact, you can say that anything is missing in this modern property that lies at the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Once you have a good sense of what kind of house you need here, go ahead and kick off the process of acquiring it. You can’t miss finding your dream home here. It’s just a matter of picking one from the many available options.

  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool

South Hampton - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
Payment must be made within 1 Month
Start of Construction on Month 2
Option 2: 20 – 80 (12 months)
20% Down Payment payable for 12 months
80% Balance through Bank or Government Financing
Start of Construction on Month 5
Option 3: 10 – 90 (8 months)
10% Down Payment for 18 months
90% balance through bank Financing
Start of Construction on Month 4
Option 4: Deferred for 24 months
Total Contract price payable for 24 months
Start of Construction on Month 6
Option 5: Straight Financing 3 (SF3)
Total Contract Price payable for 36 months
6% Interest per annum
Start of Construction on Month 10
Option 6: In – house 5 (IH5)
20% Down Payment payable for 12 months
80% payable for 60 months
18% interest per annum
Start of Construction on month 13
Option 7: In – house 10 (IH 10)
20% Down Payment for 12 months
80% Balance payable for 120 months
18% Interest per annum
Start of Construction on Month 13

How To Buy

For many people, it's the biggest financial transaction they'll ever make. That's why doing it right the first time is so important. Sometimes, buying a real estate property can feel like a dizzying set of rules and regulations. Luckily, armed with the right knowledge and know-how, you can start realizing your homeowner dreams the fast, easy, way.

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